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Why Choose LASA?

LASA stands for quality at all level of operations, cost effective and timely delivery meeting the exact requirements of our clients. LASA’s proven track record and quality policy, reflected in its deliverables led to clients retaining services of the firm repeatedly for downstream/new projects.

The Value Of Good Management

The combination of adherence to international standards, adapting latest design & technology, cost effective solutions, timely delivery and our depth of experience makes LASA the preferred Consultant for the client. LASA corporate culture fosters professional integrity, harmonious co-operative attitude to client agencies, going to the minute specifics of the issues at hand, dedicated team approach and system oriented operation ensure smooth and timely project completion.

System Oriented

Wealth of information is documented and achieved and in the domain of all concerned for dissemination as per project requirement. Quite familiar with project execution standards of multilateral funding agencies, viz. WB, ADB, African Development Bank, DFID, CIDA, JICA Government and other International Standards. Over the years LASA has a library of Technical Publications, Design Standards, major studies, Analysis, and a wealth of Database Information, collected and collated over it's two decade of operations.

Technology Driven

Technology is a fast changing process and LASA is quite adaptable to changing technology regime. To keep itself updated is one of the prime potentials of the LASA. The essence of promptness to acquire the latest and its appropriate application to the need of the day with a vision for tomorrow, has always placed the LEA Group at a cutting edge amongst its competitors over the Globe. LASA has invested in top of the line communication platforms to meet the challenges of today's requirements for instant communication and high paced fast track projects. LASA has strategic tie-up with globally renowned consultancy firms to bring in latest technological innovations for projects.