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Traffic and Transportation

LASA is one of the India’s leading traffic and transport planning consultants, providing innovative solutions for transport infrastructure projects for more than 18 years in India and overseas countries. LASA brings an unmarked approach to integrated transport planning with an innovative, motivated and enthusiastic team of traffic engineers, and transport planners who harness a great depth of knowledge and industry experience. The department independently handles small to large consultancy assignments for various clients and also renders support to other departments within LASA such as highway design, urban development and others. With time, LASA’s traffic and transportation department has increased it canvas in the area of transaction advisory, development and implementation of road management system, institutional development & capacity building to agencies who are involved in managing transport infrastructure and technical audit.

Independently, the department has ably provided services in the areas of Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Planning, Terminal Designs and Regional Transportation Studies, transit studies including MRTS, Mono-Rail, BRTS, road/ bridge feasibility studies, strategic option studies, road network master plan, development and implementation of RMS etc.. Public transport is importantly becoming need of the urban society. LASA is equipped and have been providing a way forward – from the specifics of bus route, terminal/ depot planning, ridership estimate, policy intervention, modernization of state transport corporation etc. At the same time, and in parallel, it has been participating in the multi-focus regional transportation studies by providing the required input including the conduct of surveys, data analysis, interpretation, traffic forecast, economic and financial analyses.

The department employs about 100 professionals with their experience ranging from two years (young professionals) to over forty years as advisors on far reaching issues related to traffic and transport planning. LASA which is committed to industry / sectoral development provides adequate opportunity to fresh graduates in transport planning/ engineers in professional work realizing their potential and making them trained in taking larger responsibilities and providing high level professional job.  

Within the Traffic and Transport sector, LASA’s capabilities extend through all stages of the project from project conception to completion. Its expertise, across a range of disciplines, enables the organization to manage all aspects of transport engineering/ planning in a variety of climatic, cultural and regional environment. LASA's functional areas in the sector include: 

  • Comprehensive and Integrated Transport Planning
  • Road/ Bridge Feasibility Studies
  • Transport Node Development
  • Traffic System Management
  • Multi-modal Transport/ Transit Planning
  • Strategic and Investment Option Studies
  • Transaction Advisory/ PPP
  • Road Management System Development & Implementation
  • Institutional Development & Capacity Building
  • Project Management/ Programme Auditor