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LASA has had an opportunity of working on two significant urban and regional planning assignments in Sultanate of Oman since 2010.  They are (a) Comprehensive Master Plan for Al Batinah Coastal Area (2010-2013); and (b) Socio-Economic Impact Study of Batinah Logistic Hub (2014).  Both consultancy services were provided for “Supreme Council for Planning (SCP)”.


In mid 2009, in response to advertisement by the Tender Board of Sultanate of Oman, LASA along with HMR Consultants, a local Omani Consulting Firm bid for the project on “Consultancy Services for Preparation of Comprehensive Master Plan for Al Batinah Coastal Area”.  Out of 12 firms bided from various countries of the world, LASA+HMR consortium won the assignment. It is considered to be one of the biggest planning studies conducted by the SCP in recent times, which paved the way for evolving long term road map for its richest resource region in the country.


The second assignment was relatively a smaller assignment than the first one.  It was again through competitive bidding process.  A pre-qualification call was made by the SCP in late 2013 and technical and financial proposals were submitted in 2014 and LASA was appointed by the SCP as successful bidder.  This is the first direct contract signed by the LASA in Oman, without any local partnership.


Based on the experience gained through above-mentioned two projects since 2010 in Oman, LASA has also bid for another the biggest assignment recently – Consultancy Services for Preparation of Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) and Oman National Transport Survey.   This study will also managed and supervised by the SCP.