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Institutional Strengthening/Public Policy

Institutions are organizations founded and united for a specific purpose. Institutions also represent sets of relationships, practices or behavioral patterns of a community or a society. Services to the society by state, including transportation services, are rendered through a set of such private and public institutions. Over a period of time, with the changing needs and priorities of the community and society, the institutions lose their relevance, if similar changes in their roles, relationships and functions are not incorporated.

With close association LASA has been having with many of India’s institutions related to provision of transportation services, it has achieved an unparalleled understanding of their working. Such understanding sweeps across all levels of governance including central (federal), state (provincial) and municipal.

Based on deep understanding of the transportation as a sector and an intimate knowledge of the institutions involved in provision of transportation as a service, LASA has successfully advised many of them in ways to strengthen themselves. Specific services rendered under such assignments include:

  • Legal/Institutional Capability
    • Legal provisions
    • Functional and administrative structure
    • Employment and training of staff
    • Funding for road works and for administration, salaries and expenses
    • Financial control
  • Technical Capability
    • Process Audit
    • Planning criteria
    • Materials test facilities
    • Effective quality control of all operations
    • Monitoring systems
    • Access to research and information
  • Human Resource Development
    • Recruitment policies of manpower
    • Condition of employment and pay structure
    • Lack of overall external, institutional and internal staff accountability; and
    • Organizational efficiency and structural complexity