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Hydrology & Water Resource

LASA started this sector as part of Highway for hydrologic & hydraulic study of cross-drainage structures and longitudinal drains. Later on after 2006, this sector has been expanded in the field of Watershed Development, River & Flood Management, Irrigation & Command Area Development, and Quality Control / Assurance / Audit.

LASA has completed more than 10 numbers of Quality Control / Assurance projects covering more than 1000 kms of canal works comprising canal lining, canal falls and CD structures, and tunnels (the longest one being of 8kms). The latest technology of Remote-sensing has been successfully applied for Preparation of Master Plan of Irrigation and Preparation of Embankment Asset Management System for Kosi Basin. LASA has proved its competence in the field of Water Resources Management through its various completed and on-going projects. 

The functional of this sector include:

  • Watershed Development
  • River & Flood Management
  • Irrigation & Command Area Development
  • Construction Supervision, Quality Control / Assurance/ Audit and PMC works
  • Hydrological & Morphological Study
  • Roadside Drainage