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HR Policy

People, proficient and qualified, high on integrity and upholding honesty, are our core strength. Staff geographically spread even in the remotest project location in Africa, is the source and strength of our corporate functioning. LASA acknowledge aspirations of each employee to be full participants of our functioning. HR policies in general are employee oriented. The client first philosophy at LASA begins with internal customer – employees - for Human Resources Department and a satisfied internal customer is bound to pass on the services to the other clients. We facilitate skill up-gradation and growth opportunities to help each individual to realize their full potential.

Being an employee owned, employees decide the future of the organization. This sense of ownership enjoins employees accountable to the fellow-staff, clients and other stakeholders and also plan for long term career growth with us. We accomplish the company’s vision of sustainable growth with passion and dedication.

We are working together to create a work environment that among the best, focused with dedication for clients at all levels, fueled by action and commitment to open new avenues to success. We have been able to retain key talent through a slew of motivating measures.

We welcome new skills, experience and talent to be part of our growth and success. We emphasize on corporate citizenship, honesty, transparency, team orientation, employee and client satisfaction.

We provide equal opportunity, enabling and congenial atmosphere to all our employees so that each one can excel in his/her domain of activities. Professionalism at all levels is the cornerstone of our policies to ensure high order of technical and functional expertise.

Human Resources Department is committed to support the planned growth of the organization by recruitment, training, development and always available for assistance to employees on need 24 x 7.