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LASA is one of the forerunners of the railway consultancy market in India. From studies, surveys, feasibility assessment to detailed engineering design and project management consultancy services, LASA has grown to have a full fledged railway consultancy wing which caters to both public and private clients. Notably, this is a sector in which LASA has diversified from the key services of the parent company and is now a successful domestic consultancy in the sector. LASA has taken up many prestigious assignments in partnership with foreign companies, spread across various states of the country.

LASA offers the following services in railways.

  • Demand analysis
  • Route selection
  • Technology assessment
  • System evaluation
  • Environmental impact
  • Economic and feasibility analysis
  • Railways, terminals and yard layouts
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Interchange facilities
  • Pre-feasibility / Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Engineering Designs
  • Project Management Services
  • Construction Supervision