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Environment and Social Planning

Environmental & Social Planning has been LASA’s forte for the past 20 years to ensure environmental & social sustainability of projects right from its inception. The organization’s contribution to this field has won accolades from prestigious International organizations like The World Bank, Asian Development Bank.

Work in this sector covers detailed environmental, ecological and socio-economic investigations and impact assessment for major infrastructure development projects in India & abroad (African countries like Ethiopia, Uganda & Tanzania). Environmental and socio-economic issues are addressed at various stages of projects- from identifying strategic options to monitoring and evaluation on completion of projects.

LASA fully meets the regulatory requirements of the MoEF, GoI and the funding agency guidelines of The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, The African Development Bank, CIDA and IL&FS for Environmental and Social assessments in development projects.

The organization is also accredited by the Quality Council of India (NABET) under the EIA Accreditation Scheme for its work in the environmental & social management sector, thus meeting the requirement of the MoEF, GOI and ensuring quality management in its system of operation.

LASA’s Environmental and Social Planning team is a confident and diligent group of permanent professionals qualified and experienced in the field of Environmental and Social Management. To strengthen the domain further is a vibrant team of consultants sharing their experience & skill in the Environmental and Social sector. 

LASA's functional areas in the sector include:

  • Environmental & Social Planning
  • Environment & Social Audit
  • Benefit Monitoring & Evaluation